Saturday, January 31, 2009

Joys of Pet Ownership

I now:
  • Refer to myself as mommy.
  • Talk to the dog like a human. Because she totally understands this: "I know you're protecting me, but the tail wagging negates the ferocity Bailey"
  • Try to be the Alpha female (dog whisperer) but crumple like a toothpick holding a brick wall when she gives gives me puppy eyes. (damn)
  • Vocalize what I know she's thinking (I'm convinced she only thinks in exclamation points!)
  • Saying no a lot more (and then crumpling)
  • Find myself wanting tummy rubs too. Or a treat for being soooo cute (I prefer wine to biscuits fyi).
  • Looking for an Elvis costume...for Halloween, right. (or my own amusement)
  • Spelling out loud. Anyone want to go to go for a w-a-l-k?
  • Wondering if she's being naughty when she's too quite.
  • Investing in lint brushes.
  • And peanut butter
  • Smile a lot more

Friday, January 30, 2009

Toddler Steps

I think? I'm ready for a new boyfriend. Think.

Yes it still hurts that I "lost" to a glorified garage band. It's not the same holy-crap-my-life-is-ending feeling, it's a disappointing taste that lingers for way longer then it should. Kind of like chi tea; it smells heavenly, but the taste is so... nothing. Like you're licking a dry cinnamon stick (not that I know what that's like or anything) A let down. That's what he is, a let down. Like Chi tea. Fail.

But I'm ready for someone else to make me feel good about myself. I know I should do that on my own and not rely on another person, but I will always need the guy telling me I'm beautiful (even if I'm having a fat day. You. Will. Lie). Having a boyfriend does that for me. I just want someone to snuggle up to. And the dog does curl up next to me (soooo cute), but it's not the same as having someone's arms around you.

So I think I'm ready to wade in the dating pool, some harmless (or not) flirting, a crush here and there, just enough to remind me I'm not dead. I know I shouldn't rush into anything, but I just want to know that he's out there. And where is he? He's not in any of my classes this semester, because I am older then everyone. Seriously, even if a kid's a senior, he's 22, maybe 23. And I am just not ready to be a cougar. Yet*.

*Unless it's Clayton. he should move back to Kentucky so I can stare at him. Of course if I ever did snag all 6'3" fighter pilot parts of him I could never ever ever look his sister in the eye again. Ever.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New thing/way to stalk!


I have no intention of making a sight for myself, because I never take pictures anyway. I never remember to take my camera anywhere. And if I do, then I never remember to take the pictures I brought the camera for. So I simply rely on everyone else to take pictures of me.
So I will just picture stalk my friends.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Biggest Loser

Due to the ice storm, the satellite reception is not so much at the moment. The only stations that were coming through at all were the over the air ones, and eventually those were lost as well. But for a while, I had on the Biggest Loser while I worked on making Bailey a new bed. Aka, taking a break from making medical terminology flashcards. Holy crap, that show choked me up a ridiculous amount of times. I found myself saying out loud: I hope the orange team can loose 15 lbs this week! Or, you can do one more mile on the treadmill, I know you can! It's not the amount of pounds they loose per week, it's a percentage of weight that saves you from elimination. I'm cheering for all of them and their weight loss goals.

Anyway, lets turn the conversation back to me now. A year ago, when I was still working at a restaurant, a couple of the servers decided to run a Biggest Looser contest throughout the entire staff. It was all up to you how you lost the weight, but there were weekly weigh ins on the meat scale. True Biggest Looser style, whoever lost the most body weight percentage won the prize money. A lot of these people think I'm a spoiled skinny little snot anyway, so what was the harm in adding a little fuel to the fire? I wouldn't try to win outright, but if I wouldn't have to loose that much to loose about 9% of my body weight. So I thought about joining just to seriously piss people off.

I didn't join but it doesn't really matter. I don't work there anymore so who cares. And I ended up loosing around 4% all on my own due to running and mental anguish. So ha ha biggest loser people, I still kicked your ass!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things That Annoy Me

  1. Using text/instant messaging language in emails. Write out the whole word, it's not like you don't have the space.
  2. Using u instead of you. Same with r, 4, bla bla bla. All fails
  3. Stupid people (seriously, why do they keep breeding and making more stupid people?)
  4. The Duggers (and I hate that I even know who they are, but they make me very stabby)
  5. Servers who expect a tip but do nothing to earn it. Bad service=10% if you are lucky
  6. "Rock stars"
  7. Picky eaters - are you 8 years old?
  8. Children who are not my friends'
  9. Same with pets. I love my dog, and my friends' pets (unless it is a snake-and then if you have one of those I am seriously debating the merits of our friendship). And that's it
  10. Teenagers
  11. People who use like every other word. Makes me want to gouge some vocal cords
  12. Over sharers (I do not want to know that about you. Also do not care what you had for lunch)
  13. Shortsighted people - you bet I'm laughing at you down the road you probably tripped on.
  14. Hippies (unless you are my friend Tim)
  15. Vegans (only rabbits should eat rabbit food)
  16. Natural Childbirth only believers (they invented drugs for a reason!)
  17. Altel commercials, which ties into:
  18. Claymation-too much work for usually shoddy plot lines
  19. Music Nazis. What makes your taste in music so much better that mine? And it's not.
  20. People who think the Twilight series is amazing. You are wrong

Monday, January 26, 2009

Free hug day?

So there's this event on face book: free hugs? Umm, what? Apparently, there's a whole day devoted to this? And there's rsvp-ing? But it's hosted by me? What? I am so confused. And there are links to buy paraphernalia for this? Seriously, what? Because having "free hugs" scrawled across my chest wouldn't bring out the creepies at all. Riiight.

Also? If you start charging for hugs, then that kind of makes you a prostitute. And that's whorey. But you don't want to give them away for free, because then you'll just hug anyone, and that's whorey too. So which is it? Charge for a hug like a prostitute, or give them away for free like a whore? You just can't win! And I admit I'm a bit lonely, but I'm not about to solicit physical contact through a social networking site. Because fail.

I vote, we all keep our hands to ourselves. (Unless you actually know/like the person, free hugging is ok.)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Day Don Pablos was Ruined

I heart Don Pablo's. Thursday nights are half priced house margaritas all day throughout the restaurant. And the house margarita is like poolside. When I was a nubile 20 year old, my older friends would all order margaritas and then place them in between us, and I would "accidentally" drink them. I liked this tradition, and so did the rest of the chapter. But eventually, I was one of the older members, and there were more underagers then "accidentally sharing" allowed. Which does lessen the luster of margarita happiness (in public).

One Tuesday, we had a dinner meeting there, mainly because us old people (by old I mean 22) insisted on it. Margaritas were half priced from 6-9 after all! It was a fairly cold and rainy day in mid October. I had just come back from Cleveland from being in my friend's super fun wedding, but I was weddinged out. Seriously. Jeanne's wedding was an event, I needed to decompress from the whole bridesmaid duties.

But I was sitting across from Susan (name change), who was engaged (w/a not big enough ring according to her) and wanted a blow by blow of Jeanne's to compare notes. And next to me at the head of the table was Jackie (name change), who wanted to share everything about her wedding, which she seriously had the entire thing planned. The only thing she needed was the actual fiance and to put money down. And her king of the douch bags boyfriend didn't even propose until 2 years later. (Not to mention all of us she "forgot" to invite. But that's probably a good idea, because I would have mocked her back fat rolls and 3 chins all the way down the aisle).

So it's a cold rainy night, on my left I have 19 year olds bitching about not getting a margarita, I have a one sided pissing war across from me, a pretend lavender wedding to the right of me. And my margarita was empty and full price (since the waitress was a twat and "forgot" to inform us that to get the half priced margaritas we had to go to the bar to get them, ergo, bumping up her ticket sales. Right, guess who didn't get a good tip?) It was the day Don Pablo's was ruined.
It was a very sad day for Sarah.

Fortunately, time has passed and the Dan Pablo's love has been restored. But I sure as hell ask the server if it's happy hour at the table now.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Higher Education

So as we know, I went back to school to get a new career. But since I didn't take any math and/or science classes in college round one (because that's what I'm calling it now), I'm redoing undergrad before I go for the more advanced play with drugs degree.

So I started thinking about my first trip through undergrad, and you know what? School, wasn't fun. I thought college was supposed to be fun. My social life was wonderful, and I made life long friends, so it's not like it was a complete fail. But school itself, the reason I went to that college, has left me very very bitter. I felt that my major related classes kicked me over and over, and for 6 years, I felt like I was fighting like hell to just keep my head above water. And that's exhausting. I never felt like I got anything right there, and I can blame the subjective grading system all I want, but I just didn't "get it." Design wasn't the right path for me, and I'm slowly accepting I made a wrong choice.

Well, at least with this path, there is clearly a right or wrong answer. None of this explain your design process and why did you pick that color stuff. It's cut and dry 2+2= 4 and if you mix chemical A with chemical B, it will blow up.

I know I have a long path in front of me, and I'm not a super patient person. But I'm ready, and I'm going to kick some serious ass in the process.

Friday, January 23, 2009

YAY times 1000!

Oh my god oh my god oh my god. I have my dog. I'm keeping my dog. In my house. I have my dog! Oh my god!

It just goes to show, that every man has his breaking point. It only took a month of tenacious pleading, nagging, some crying, looking for a new home for her, a relocating her to Lexington and a promise to makes deans list (but I was planning on that anyway so the smart jokes on him! Wait, that's not really a joke...) and my mom on my side, and now we have a dog in our house!

And then she was naughty. I went outside to clean her cage and left her unsupervised, In the kitchen, with a chinese roasted pork loin on the stove... Right, guess who got her Chinese New Years dinner early? This must have been payback for giving her a bath.
But naughty or not, she's still mine, and she's still here for good.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seriously, they were asking for it

I'm walking behind the slowest group ever today and I noticed something. The little twit in the middle was sagging their skinny jeans. Wtf mate? Because they are skinny jeans, the top part is straining to hold on across the bony thing's hips (and I don't know if it was a boy or girl either), the bottom of the pockets are half way down their thighs, and there's all sorts of unflattering business going on with the bunching. Skinny jeans are not supposed to bunch you idiot. And then to top it off, it's puffyish coat stops right at the small of it's back, so there's a good 8" of boxers (maybe a long t-shirt tucked in?) exposed (meh, don't know don't care).

I have never wanted to pants someone so bad in my life.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I do not care for the cold

Because it is abnormally cold my my taste, I have taken to layering like it is my job. Now if I were going from house to car to inside, throwing on a cute coat/hat/glove combo wouldn't be that big of a deal. But since I take the bus to school, I have to wait for it outside (makes sense really). Not to mention walk across campus and UK is ginormous, and I don't know all the shortcuts and secret passageways yet. And there isn't a portion of me that isn't double layers (triple if I can get away with it). I even wrap a scarf around my face, I seriously don't like being exposed to the elements. Though I can't wrap my nose or I fog up my glasses and can't see. So the nose gets cold so I don't miss my bus or walk into things.

For 10 seconds I care about how silly I look with a bright red scarf across my face, a hat and a hood on or that it takes me longer to put on 2 pairs of gloves instead of one pair. But then I step outside and the icy wind hits me like an axe to the face, and I'm glad I'm wrapped up tighter then a sausage casing. And when I see so many people shivering while their jacket is unzipped, with no gloves, and/or don't have the hood of their hoodie on, you bet I'm smirking under that bright red scarf.
So in the end, I don't care how stupid I look walking across campus bundled up like a Minnesotan. At least I won't get hypothermia while waiting for the bus.

Besides, you can't even see who I am under all that garb anyway.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why I love pills

Yesterday morning I woke up with the worst cramps I've had in years. They were debilitating, that's how bad they were. It took every ounce of me to crawl to the bathroom, and find the bottle of ibuprofen. And then I couldn't even pull myself up to turn on the faucet for the sink. So I collapsed back onto the bathroom floor. I managed to crawl back to my bedroom, but by this time, I'm wailing for my mom, who brings me the heating pad and a bottle of water.

Twenty minutes later, the pills kicked in, and the pain went away. Away enough that I could function the rest of the day. But I seriously thought I was going to spend the day curled up the bathroom floor, shaking, sweating, and crying for my mom. Instead, I spent it doing somewhat productive things (like homework) because the drugs kicked in 20 minutes later. And that is why I will always love pills. Over the counter or prescription, I don't care, I love you all.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I made a mistake

I picked up my dog yesterday from the ex, both of whom I hadn't seen since the end of August. The plan is to find my dog a new home here since the ex can't take care of her. Actually he can, he just won't. And as bitter frosting on my bitter cake, this bratty boy still has his old dog, who he doesn't have to take care of, and meanwhile, I'm moving her here to Lexington only to give her up again. I can't even keep her while I'm looking for a home for her, she's staying at my friend's until she gets relocated. (one day I'll tell you how awesome this friend is, because she truly is amazing)

My parent's agreed to let me keep her for one night before I took her to my friends house. And I shouldn't have done that. I foolishly hoped they would fall in love with her too and let me keep her. I have my mom on that page, but my dad is firmly holding his no dog stance. Any dog. Even though he tolerated my dog, I can't have her. I should have taken her strait to my friend's. Or I should have left her in Cincinnati to her fate as a pound dog. Because having her for not even 24 hours was a colossal mistake. It just reminded me of what I can't have. And simply put, I'm a mess again.

Once I said part of being a big girl means not getting everything you want. And while it sucks, it's life and you deal with it somehow. Granted being a little kid doesn't mean the oposite. But it sure was easier being a little kid. Things didn't hurt so much for me then.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Focus people, focus

A bunch of us went to Cleveland this weekend for our good friend's baby shower. And one day I'll give more details on how it as a really fun and everything went off with out a hitch. (also why I've been MIA for a while, good times with friends scattered across the country take precedence over blogging. Oh and school started, so I have a hard time being all writey and witty when I have to do homework.)

But a quick note: this was a baby shower for the mom to be. Can you unfocus on yourself for a few hours and remember who you are celebrating? And that for once, it's really not about you. And while it wasn't really that bad, it just annoyed me that a few people couldn't do that.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

School girl

Today was my first day of school, and I'm surrounded by a bunch of co-eds. And while I understand that everyone has their own personal style, there's just one look I will never understand.
Full hair and make up, and a sweatsuit. Seriously, why go through all that trouble only to do it half assed?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wipper snapers

I was invited to a going away party for someone a few weeks ago, and I had every intention of going, but I ended up flaking. A few days later, the pictures are posted on facebook and I thought:

Number one: Seriously, why is everyone so tan? It's December in Kentucky. Sandy white beaches we do not have. And it's December. In Kentucky. (and you look a little leatherish too).
And two: God, I'm too old for house parties of that nature.

I'm a bit glad I flaked.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm not stupid

I have a group of ridiculously smart friends from high school. And by group, I mean all of them. Believe it or not, I went to a really good public school in Kentucky. But one of the things about having smart friends is that I feel that I'm competing with them. One's in med school, two have already passed the bar. And the rest of them are working on a PhD or already have a masters.

And then there's me, who went to school for interior design. First, I will never belittle the design career or dumb it down. It's hard, and it's a lot more then picking out paint colors. I admire my college friends who are architects and designers, they do something I couldn't do myself. Design is not one of my strengths and I've realized that. I made the wrong career choice at 18. But my high school friends, all made that same type choice at at 18, and they doing pretty well with it.

I know I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed to them. I'm flighty, I giggle, and I can tell you who are Hefner's new girl friends before I can name all 3 of Newton's principles (at least I know there are 3 right?). I knew I couldn't compete with these people on that level. I wasn't applying to Ivy league schools and I was no where close to scoring a 1600 on my SAT (isn't it 2400 now?). And now I'm going back to school too, so we might get some college rivalry going again. But I'm starting from scratch, essentially I'm going back for an undergrad. So while they are writing their dissertations, I'm just trying to remember how to find the hypotenuse of a triangle. I still feel like the 18 year old who picked interior design. I played the silly girl card for too long and it's left me feeling pretty lousy about myself. I'm used to being the dumb friend. But I'm not stupid. And it's about time I proved that to myself.

I'm kind of a bitch

I was searching for my friend's flickr sight, but I couldn't remember how to spell her profile name at first. So I searched by her real name and I got a 1000 people's pictures I don't care about. Some of those 1000 pictures are of a chunky* bride. My first thoughts: "Didn't I try that dress on in David's Bridal, ugh. Pfft, I still looked better then she does in it."

Bitchy bitchy. Perhaps I should shut my mouth though. After all, this person is wearing it at her wedding, and my pretty pretty dress is hiding in a closet.

*Collarbone fat? NO. (Does this dress, make me look fat? No, sweetheart, it's the girdle that's not doing you any favors. All it's doing is mushing everything into back/armpit/collarbone fat.)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trust me

People I don't trust:
  • Girls w/out girl friends. There's a reason girls don't like you. It's becasue you're a bitch.
  • Anyone under the age of 23
  • Vegans - They don't understand the food chain.
  • Hippies
  • The French - No idea why, but they seem like sneaky little buggers don't they?
  • Weather men/women- because they lie, snow day my ass
  • Doctors who smoke - really? you need a reason for this one?
  • Anne Landers-if her advice is so good, why is she always publishing readers' conflicting opinions?
  • Starving artist. Because suffering for your craft is stupid. Maybe if you did something more commercially acceptable you wouldn't be starving. Screw your integrity, no one really cares anyway, and sell out
  • Life coaches. More specifically, people who use them. I will begrudgingly give props to the people that saw a niche market that preyed on the lame and now makes their money telling said lame how live their life.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Word Play

Have you notice that if you double a word, it alters the meaning or creates emphasis? For example:

like=enjoy something vs like-like=totally have a crush on
job=something you do while in school vs job-job=what you went to school for
home=where you currently live vs home-home=where you grew up
baby=someone under 2 vs baby-baby=fresh new one
cute=squee!, like babies and puppies vs cute-cute=in reference to a boy you like-like

Of all the 171,476 words in the Oxford English Dictionary, and I (we?) double words becasue I don't want to think of a synonym. Methinks someone needs a thesaurus.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I am anti-suburban sprawl. And I've had this stance since high school, this isn't a everyone's doing it green-wash stance. Green is good, yes I know. This is different. I hate seeing generic design built homes pop up like daises on what used to be farm land. Because in Lexington, there used to be a fair amount of it.

Now I lived in a suburbia all my live, there are no disillusions there. My parents bought their house when they got married, and have no intention of leaving anytime soon (and neither do I for that matter). There was a farm and tiny shopping center across the street, and that was it. If you wanted to go anywhere, you drove. Everything in Lexington takes 20 minutes or less, if it's more then that it's too far and not worth it. So I was used to living out in the quasi-boonies.

Somewhere during college-round-1, the farm sold and developers were chomping at the bit to do something. I didn't really care about the farm, but I did not want houses to go there. However it was zoned for business, so no cookie cutter homes! And it's not just empty office buildings that no one will rent. There's a Walgreens, a Kroger, a hotel, a handful of Americanized-ethnic restaurants, a gym, a few banks and even a gas station. So the butcher, the baker the candle stick maker if you will. Places I actually patronize, and that I can walk to (and do).

I'm still anti suburban sprawl, but I won't rule out one of those homes for myself down the road honestly. You won't find me building my own generic home, but I'm not above taking one that's already been built. It's already there, so it's not like I'm doing any more destruction. But what I'd really like to do is buy a home in my neighborhood one day, as long as it stays in the right school district that is. If we get redistricted though, all bets are off.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Match fail, you have slipped. They send me new matches every 3 days or so (perhaps I should change that to less annoying), and today's first match:
  • looks like Kfed. NO.
  • Has a kid. NO
  • And has never been married (I want my own children, not someone else's bastard child)
  • Smokes
I think match is getting pissy with me, becasue apparently I have email but I can't even check it because I won't pay for the service. And someone winked but I can't find out who either. But they are being all pushy girlfriend and are telling me to take the plunge (ie, pay) and wink back! Umm, no. I wasn't going to pay anything to begin with, but if they keep sending me that bussiness listed above, they are just killing the miniscule chance they had at my credit card to begin with.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reading List

Books I have checked out from the library and am currently, have every intention, or have just finished reading (w/in the last 3 weeks):
  • Me Talk Pretty One Day, David Sedaris (about half way through)
  • When You are Engulfed in Flames, David Sedaris (will read once above is finished)
  • American Wife, Curtis Sittenfeld (once I pick it up from the library)
  • The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death, Laurie Notaro (almost done!)
  • There's a (slight) Chance I'm going to Hell, Laurie Notaro (will restart once Tantrum is done)
  • The Subtle Knife, Phillip Pullman (just finished!)
  • The Amber Spyglass, Phillip Pullman (just started!)
  • I was told there would be cake, Slone Crosley (haven't got past the first essay becasue Jen Lancaster distracted me)
And I'm re-reading
  • Bitter is the New Black, Jen Lancaster (ha-lar-ious), (done)
  • Bright Lights, Big Ass, Jen Lancaster (uproariously hysterical) (done)
  • Such a Pretty Fat, Jen Lancaster (ha-lar-ious as well) (2/3 done)
  • And all 8 of the Sookie Stackhouse books, by Charlain Harris (vampires!)
Because I got those for Christmas and want to read them again.
And, I just finished Naked by David Sedaris (it was amusing) and Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine (cute). By finished I mean listened to the unabridged version on cd. Seriously, books on cd are my new bff traveling companion. So that doesn't really count as reading, but whatever, I'm still counting them as a feather in my reading cap. What am I going to do when school starts and can't read as much fun stuff anymore? Boo!

Monday, January 5, 2009

How My Sunday Night is Spent

Rock of Love, season 3. On a bus. Well done Vh-1, well done.

I mean, it's loud and screechy and every other word is bleeped and every other shot is of someone's diseased bits (I am not kidding). And I feel like scrubbing my brain with Purell afterwords. But whatever.
I think Taya, the penthouse pet, will win. She is ironically, one of the klassiest ones there. Top 3 at least. And one of the contestants want to be a madam (I see her using a whip one day). The whole show is hot mess after hot mess, and I cannot tear my eyes away from it. Seriously, well done Vh-1.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bad Movies

I recently discovered redbox which is pretty cool. They only carry new releases, but that's pretty much what I want to see anyway. So if I want to see a something more then a year old, or I'm in an art house mood (every 5 months maybe?) or want to watch all 4 Harry Potter films before going to see the 5th one (and that was an afternoon well spent I might add,) I'll dig up my blockbuster card. Redbox is only $1 per movie, you can reserve online (which I hope you figured out on your own since I posted a link) and it's in walking distance for me (an anti-suburban sprawl unless it's convenient for me blog coming soon!)

Well, I had nothing to do the other night, so I walked (the less the half mile distance) over there and picked up something for myself and something I thought my parents would like. Thank GOD each movie is only $1, because what I rented were bad movies:

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. **spoiler** Aliens. Seriously. Wtf? And that's all I could say for 20 minutes until I watched the 2nd movie I picked out. Which was: The Prince and Me 3, Royal Honeymoon. And that one I watched 80% on fast forward so it would finish faster. But according to IMDB, there's going to be a Prince and Me 4. Lesson not learned, yes, I will probably watch it.
Shut up.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vampire Visit

Given my recent quasi-obsession with vampires, you're probably thinking, alright, now she's just lost it. But no, I really did go visit vampires, in the daylight none the less. And none of them sparkled (which is stupid) or burst into flames (which is supposed to happen) either.
I gave blood yesterday! And yes, I'm pretty happy with myself. I should refrain from drinking for a day (good thing I didn't give blood new years eve), and some strenuous activities may bruise the elbow area. So I shouldn't go bowling. Which is a shame, I love bowling. Meh, it's for 24 hours, I can live with out it.

My vampire visit didn't involve hot vampire sex (and this particular one comes to mind), and that's a shame (there's something about the whole I could kill you thing, plus I'm a biter myself. Over share? Sorry). But the whole I did something altruistic, even if it's small thing, is still a nice feeling. I'm going to try to give more often.

And when I came home, just shy of a pint of life fluid, my sister's Christmas present to me had arrived. The first 7 Sookie novels (I have number 8 in hardback and number 9 comes out in May!). Now I can read my favorite vampire (sexy) stories whenever I want! Talk about timing.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Because it is (a) winter, and (b) I'm single, a few beauty regiments have fallen to the wayside. My razor hasn't touched my legs in weeks. Snicker. Well, that's a lie, I haven't completely given up on shaving my legs. But seriously, what's the point of shaving them when no one's touching them anyway? Besides, I wear pants all the time.

And let me point out, that I do not care for my Venus razor. I think it's bull sh*t. I miss my old one that I could use mens' blades with. That was my secret to getting super smooth legs, sharper blades. But how do people nic themselves? (like the shaving gel comercials that has 15 neon bandaides per leg or the adult fashion magazine that tells you how to cover it up). Dull or sharp blade, It's not that hard to not cut yourself really. I'll own up to a few nics here and there due to some over zealous knee coverage and inexperience. But shouldn't a grown up who isn't a dirty hippie be able to wield a razor properly?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions:

  1. Make deans list
  2. Finish the Shamrock half marathon and not die
  3. Maybe be one of those pretentious people who keeps a wine like/dislike list?
Umm, that's all I can think of that the moment.
I used to resolve to talk slower, and then somewhere around the 5th year in a row of not doing so, I noticed a pattern and said, "screw it."