Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bragging Rights

It's March Madness baby! (Of course I'm cheering my Kentucky Wildcats for a perfect 40-0 season, so we'll see soon enough!)

Anyway, I hate Duke. I don't understand why anyone's a fan unless you're alumni. I mean, I'm not going to fault you for cheering your alma mater, even if it's duke.. But if you're a fair weather fan "just because" and you only want to brag on duke to annoy me, you're an asshole.  Also? You better make sure that you even have the bragging rights to begin with.

At some point during the season Duke was ranked number 2. My coworker is a "just because" fan was trying to be superior and taunt me about it.

coworker: ~smugly~ Did you see the rankings? Duke's number two! Na-na-na-nana!
me: ~snort~  Yeah, you know what that's not though? Number one. Because that's Kentucky.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

This Little Piggie

Valentine's Day 2015 was brought to us by urgent care. The couch attacked a husband who shall remain nameless and said husband needed an X-ray.
I was at work on my lunch break when dr soc (oops, just gave it away!) called me and said he though he had broken his toe on the couch. We got a new couch before Christmas so we're still getting used to the new layout. His littlest piggie was at a 90 degree angle from his foot and it was also swollen to about the size of his biggest piggie.    
So we had a romantic valentines day at an urgent care, doing romantic things like taking sexy x-rays of his feet.
And then for the rest of the night we made toe puns. Like toe-pocalypse. Catas-toe-phe. It wasn't the Christmas season so we didn't have any miss-the-toe!