Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Milk Sandwiches

So we're getting real snow in North Carolina and the city is shutting down. The schools and libraries closed early and both have already call a snow day for tomorrow. Turns out you get just as excited about a snow day as an adult as you did when you were a kid. Well, at least you do when you have a salary so you don't worry about your paycheck being short, don't have to figure out childcare* plans and the only person you need to entertain is yourself. I'm pretty sure I'll change my tune to that last part after we have kids and a snow day means: oh crap what am I going to do to entertain the minions?**

Since Mike is grew up in Northeast Ohio snow was a matter of when not if. I grew up in Kentucky and we didn't get snow that often, but I know to keep a snow brush in my car and to charge all my battery powered devices just in case we loose power. So whenever snow is mentioned in the south, I always make a crack about needing to buying bread and milk. (We usually actually do need both though, Mike goes through both really fast!) Anyway, yesterday it was just a possibility of snow and everyone was freaking the fck out. I needed to run by the pharmacy so I was going to grab dinner too on my way home from class. I was going to get Panera but on on my way there I passed the grocery store. I thought: cheaper, better chance of leftovers and faster than waiting for take out. Yes. Good plan.

Yeah no. That was a grave misjudgement on my part. Because I forgot about every other southerner's need to make milk sandwiches whenever the S-word is mentioned.

*We're really lucky that and that the industries we work in if the kids have a snow day, more than likely at least one of us will have a snow day as well.
**Crafts. So. Many. Crafts.***
***But no glitter. Glitter is not allowed in my house.  

Saturday, February 1, 2014


When I worked retail I had to write down my schedule from week to week. If I needed time off for anything, a haircut, a weekend trip, getting married, etc, I had to ask off for it way in advance or try to schedule around my haphazard work life since there was always a chance I would be scheduled to make minimum wage and get berated by my boss. It made it pretty hard to plan much in advance, but that's just the crappy way being in retail is.

But the same time I started grad school I also got my two library jobs. My schedule became super busy, but between the two jobs hours and set class times, my schedule became fairly regular. Even my weekends were on a regular, rotating schedule (every other weekend). So even though my schedule was busy, it was fairly easy to keep track of.

For me at least.

Ever since I started graduate school I've had a class on Monday nights. The time changes here and there, but since August 2012, my Monday night is either class or working. So for all intents and purposes the past year and a half, Monday nights, I'm busy. Yet every time my husband suggests something for Monday night, and I tell him I can't (due to me being in class), he is always surprised. Sigh.