Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lucky Number 7

So on Sunday March 16, Mike and I ran a half marathon. Yes, that's right, we both ran it! My weightlifting preferring, super strong husband decided that he would run a half marathon and I said I would do it with him.

Me, well, I didn't train very much (turns out that's pretty much my MO), but I still finished at 2:22 something. Not my best time, not my worst time, and I hurt like a mofo the next few days but I fully expected that. I knew I wasn't going to win the thing, But I also knew I wasn't going to be in last place either, and hell, this one makes number 7 for me. SEVEN! Sometimes even I have a hard time believing I've done that many. I keep saying I'm going to do another marathon, but finding the time to train (for real) is difficult with the full time job and grad school. Maybe one day. Meh, we'll see.

But because that race was my 7th, I was much more excited for Mike's race and experience than my own. I knew he would finish before and that I wasn't going to match his pace, but I knew he would finish and I couldn't wait to see him at the finish line. His time was 1:49: something and I'm pleased as punch for him!

Yay running!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Last week out of the blue I had a monster toothache flare up. I really was in agony, the throbbing got so intense that I was on the brink of tears at time. At home I took a few anti-inflammatories and kept an icepack to my face to alleviate some of the pain, but my 7am dentist appointment the next morning couldn't come fast enough.

Thank god I was able to get an appointment though. I had tried to call them several times while at work and the call dropped and never connected every time. For a dentists' office that sends a snail-mail reminder, an email, a phone call and text message to remind you of an appointment, it was baffling not being able to call them. I decided to try their appointment request online, and about an hour later they emailed me back with a 7am or noon appointment. (Turns out their phones were down that day for some reason, but it was so frustrating to not be able to call them the one time i really really needed to see them.)

Anyway, 7am arrives and I am in the dentist chair, miserable and still holding the icepack to my face. The dentist figured the pain could be from one thing or another. Either the nerve was infected and created and abscess that would require a root canal specialist, or the nerve was just beat up from my bite and the whole area around the tooth was bruised. But to even figure it out they would have to do a bite adjustment. If the pain increased I needed the specialist, if it decreased I had the bruise. Before they started the bite adjustment though, my dentist said I probably couldn't take all the work they would have to so they were going to give me some Novocaine to help then get to work.

My reaction to the Novocaine? "Yay!" Apparently, that is not a normal response.

PS: I had the bruise. Yay again!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pintrest Fail

My husband and I are both birthday people. Meaning, we both enjoy celebrating them and the attention/affection that comes along with them as well. Well, dr soc's birthday is February 19 and since that was a work day, I wanted to do a little something special so his students and coworkers would know. The night before I had the great idea for him to bring treats to class, so I was going to make chocolate covered mint oreos. Melt chocolate, stick a cake pop stick in the filling, dip, done.


If the cake pop sticks weren't in the exact center of the creme filling it would pop off the cookie halves. And the melted chocolate was too thick and would trap the smushed back-together cookie. In addition to that, since I wanted 3/4ths to the whole cookie covered in chocolate, when I spooned it over the cookie, the chocolate falling from the spoon was much more of a "plopping" than a smooth waterfall-like cascade. The uneven somewhat circular blobs of chocolate with cake pop sticks at random angles were a far cry from pintrest idea I had in my head. Rather than beat myself up about it, I scrapped whole treats for the class idea and brought the tasty but ugly cookies to work. 

And besides, I had done this to his office door before coming home
Birthday Bostons!
The full view - hehehe!
So I wasn't too upset about my pintrest fail when I knew that was waiting to surprise him the next day.
Here's a closeup of the two pictures that planted the decorate his door idea in my head:
Happy birthday indeed! SNARF!!!
 And this one:
Dancing Boston is feeling it!
And then we met for dinner at one of our favorite places and I gave him a shark beenie baby to add to his office menagerie. The tiny octopus and wind-up dinosaur were getting lonely after all.