Monday, August 30, 2010


In the beginning of February I paid just under $180 for a 6 month membership to eharmony. *
It was worth every penny.

Yep, that's how dr soc and I met. And actually, he was my first date from it. He wasn't the only one to ask me out and I did have another date with someone I met on there (which was fine and we played the who do you know game since we went to different high schools in town). But once I was talking to dr soc and he finally asked me out, (I tease him about that but I actually understand the timing) and when we met and eventually ya know...
It was him. Just him.

I admit I was a little apprehensive to be going on an online dating site to find someone at first. What would people think? (plus, what if no one liked me?) But I wasn't meeting anyone new, let alone someone I would want to date. I needed some new venues. But I don't care how we met. I'm just glad that we did.
Because here I am, we are, six months later on the path to happily ever after.

Worth. Every. Penny.

*No. We are going on the commercials.** My friend has told me she will mock me relentlessly if we do.
** That is unless they pay us handsomely of course. Money always drowns out mocking.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Secret Agent

Due to the f*ckin horse games (dr soc's term, not mine btw), Lexington is doing a crazy mad rush to clean for company. This involves demolishing decrepit buildings (then never building the 130 story hotel/condo monstrosity because the mystery sole donor died and didn't leave a will. The whole Center Pointe thing didn't have "sketch" written all over it at all.), ripping up sidewalks to bury power lines, and bottle-necking all of downtown traffic to re-blacktop most of it. (In my opinion, blacktop/asphalt laying is one of the worst smells in the world. The mere thought of it makes my stomach churn and the instant the smell burns my nose I have to fight the urge to throw up bile. Ugh!)

Needless to say, getting to and from work for me is nothing short of a clusterfuck. The other day I was leaving a busy part of town for another busy part of town, so I gave myself plenty of extra time to get there. However, since there was only one lane of traffic for 4 lanes, it was still gridlock. After calling the desk to let them know I would be late even though I was within spitting distance but stuck in the mess they could see our windows, I realized where I was and what time of day it was too.

I was right outside the Annex Garage (on MLK) and it was just after 5. So not only is parking free there now, the gate's up and no one's there to collect tickets at the exit. And what's better, is that this garage exits onto Water Street, which is the street that I turn onto to get into the garage I park in for work! Realizing this before I pass the turn into the Annex garage, I quickly flip my turn signal on, and turn left before the light changes and traffic stars coming directly head on. I twist through the garage, exit exactly where I knew I would, and a hop, skip, jump and 2 turns later, pop into a parking space in the library garage. I made it to work only 15 minutes late instead of a half hour, so it was a win.

And I totally admit, I felt incredibly crafty and slightly secret agenty after that moment.

Friday, August 27, 2010

And So It Begins

And so it begins, another semester of classes. Fall classes started on Wednesday. As seems to be my tradition, here's a list of random snark thoughts from the first week:
  1. This book is recommended rather than required. Recommended mean I'm not buying it.
  2. That guy has the pointiest head I've ever seen! And that blond buzz cut is a horrible haircut for his head shape. Telling him that is mean yes? But twittering that thought is fine, also yes?
  3. You know what a boring class is? Anything with the words "ancient civilization" in the title.
  4. The you're-going-to-hell-if-you-are-a-b-c -guy is back. Wow, he's starting early this year.
  5. Sometimes I sing my abc's when I'm alphabetizing stuff.
  6. Does everyone here wear some sort of greek shirt? Seriously, everyone.
  7. Is the girl next to me typing a novel or a text message?
  8. Does anyone really think that hiding the phone under your desk is fooling anyone? Really, staring at your lap with a notebook on the table is normal class posture.
  9. Random girl in hall: "I haven't talked to him in forever. We're, like, best friends." Uh huh, can't be that great if you haven't talked in forever.
  10. Text book prices make the baby jesus cry!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Girl Talk

Setting: random lunch date w/dr soc before he was offered/accepted the Charlotte job.

me: my girlfriends ask me how the (job) search was going.
dr soc: When did you tell them I was looking?
me: Oh long time ago. I freaked out about your interview in Minnesota when we first started dating. So I told my told my girlfriends. So now they ask about your job every now and again.
dr soc: Oh, ok. Um, what else do your girl friends know?
me: Oh they know everything.
dr soc: Everything?
me: Well, not everything everything. But the big stuff, the little stuff, and details if required.
dr soc: sigh.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Draft day!

It's fantasy football time baby! Woot!

Since it's all women in this league, sometimes we wonder how/if our draft is different then our guys' drafts. I imagine there are some differences. Like how someone picked Tom Brady the first year solely because he was "dirty hot" and not because he's a good quarterback. Or that we used the message boards to say "thanks for hosting Jeanne!" Or to post the recipe for someone's breakfast tart as well.

Maybe the fact that we have brunch with draft day is probably a big difference too huh? The first year we drafted, I made muffins the night before I drove up and my ex (who I was living with at the time) could not comprehend why I was doing so.

me: What do you mean why am I making muffins for draft day? We're doing brunch too.
x: Yeah, but why?
me: You told me these things last hours! We'll need food. What, do you guys not eat?
x: Well, maybe a guy will bring a bag of chips or something. We'll order pizza if we can get so-and-so to chip in.
me: Lame. My draft already sounds better.
x: Yeah...but how do you do have brunch and draft?
me: Really? It's not that hard to coordinate, you tell everyone to bring a brunch thing when you send the invite out.
x: You do invites?
me: Oh god.

Four years later, we're still doing brunch, it's still all women, and the number one rule is still no asking the SO for help/input. I came in second place last year (woot!), even though my quarterback was a joke last year. Oh, and I still have no idea what off-sides is. Nor do i really care to find out. Who cares?

Bring it ladies!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quick Turn Around

setting: the car on our way back from vacation (boo). Dr soc and I were talking about who we shared the news with after he accepted the position in Charlotte.

me: The first person I told was my mom. I called her pretty much immediately after I got off the phone with you after you told me we were moving to Charlotte.
dr soc: Wow, that was fast.
me: I guess, but it was big news and I had to share.
dr soc: True. How long did it take you to tell your girlfriends? (he was referring the the 4 I email constantly) A day or two?
me: ::snort:: an hour.
dr soc: an hour?
me: Yep. And that's only because most of that hour was the bus ride and the walk home before I got to my computer.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Average Jill

I happen to think I'm average. And I am average height, but I'm smaller than the average size/weight for a woman. Never the less, I'm still convinced I'm average, but every now and again I'm reminded that I really am quite tiny in some cases. Like recently when I was on vacation.

One of the handy things about vacationing with the boyfriend is that you have someone willing to put sunblock on your back. In a strictly skin care sort of way. He was also kind enough to tie my bathing suit top tighter for me, but he just made it one big knot and since I'll never be able to kill off the designer in me fully, I undid it and retied it myself so it would be more aesthetically pleasing.

Anyway, he put the sunblock on me, but he's significantly stronger than me. So he sorta (totally) pushed forward me in his gusto to properly apply skin protection.

me: --small squeak of surprise as I hurdle forward-- Oh! Hey, no pushing.
dr soc: Oops, sorry. I forget how tiny you are sometimes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

May or May Not

So in the midst of my missing my boyfriend and planning my future, I may or may not have dipped into the bubble of tulle. And then may or may not have gotten sucked into the tulle vortex (not) kicking and (not) screaming. Just like I may or may not have done a google search on possible venues...

I may or may not have compared a few places and their capacity levels. Which naturally did not lead me to wonder how many people would be invited and would come, so I didn't start an excel spreadsheet or anything like that just to get an idea of the number or to compare notes...

But if I had done that, which I totally didn't.....then I may or may not have have found a really good place. And I know it's good because I may or may not have priced different menu items with other places on my nonexistent excel spreadsheet. There's not a chance I figured out the best time frame and potential dates, and there's also a not a chance that I looked at nearby hotels. I may or may not have told my mom the deadline to redo the kitchen would be in time to have the day after brunch. And I may or may not have started planning that menu too.

Just like dr soc hasn't told me what kind of groom's cake he wants. Or how I have the cutest idea for a cake topper. And I totally didn't look at my dress the other day and feel happy and hopeful, which is how you should feel when you look at your wedding gown. No, of course I didn't do any of those things. Clearly I did not get sucked into the tulle vortex or experience any level of bubble of tulle crazy. No. Of course not. Maybe. Or not.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Last week dr soc and I went on vacation together. I know, quite the step of coupledom wouldn't you say? Squee!

With anything in life, comparisons are inevitable. I compare my 2 universities, college to life experiences, life experiences with the great wide world, my cooking to every other thing I have ever made, boyfriends to friends, how I look in a bathing suit compared to others, Bailey to people, ect. So of course I compared this (beach) vacation with dr soc to the last (beach) vacation I took with a boyfriend.

And not to be all competitive, but the latter vacation, (with the ex and his entire family (privacy not so much)) was when my ex proposed. The initial reaction to that is "you probably want to forget that." But actually, I don't entirely because it was a very happy moment in my life. And while it's hard to not reflect on the overall relationship without a tinge of bitterness, that shouldn't diminish the happiness and jubilation I felt that moment.

But this vacation w/dr soc was way better in general. For starters, because I'm head over heals for him and totally biased in that I think whatever he does is better then any of my ex's. But also, we were on a great beach, just us two and on a real vacation with no external obligations (well, I didn't have those, someone had to prepare his syllabi), so that there was no (little) pressure and we could just enjoy each others' company. (Though I'm pretty sure I annoyed him with my constant chatter the drive home. And even when I figured that out I still couldn't stop talking. Sorry honey, I warned you though).

So even though that previous vacation I left with a sparkly * on my hand, and the vacation I took with dr soc I left with only a great tan, some extra pounds and a picture on facebook, it was way better and I'm happier about everything in general. Yay! (except for the whole he moved far far away 2 days later, but whatev)

*which was a size too big because he guessed my fingers were way fatter then they actually are. And he guessed that size because there is no other way to find ring size other than to bring in a ring I currently wear and compare, but since I don't wear rings, he was at a complete and utter loss and took a blind guess since he is incapable of thinking creatively or searching the interwebs for an alternate way. Because they don't have sites for that kind of stuff or anything.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Far Far Away

Dr soc started his new job today in Charlotte. Or as I call it, far far away.

To say that I miss him is an understatement. I know it's only a few months of being apart and there will be visits so it's not like we're completely sequestered from each other. This far far away isn't unmanageable either, and I'm not worried about our relationship in the slightest either. But I feel lonely without him in town.

Ever since his brother's wedding in early July, I've spent every night with him or at his house (which is now on the market if anyone wants to buy a house in Lexington). There were a few nights he had to go to Charlotte (one for the interview and others for orientation), but I house/dog sat when he was gone. And even though we just got back from a vacation together and spent a ton of time together (and I don't think he got too sick of me, so phew), and he left only 2 days ago, it's just tough knowing he's a 7 hour drive away and I won't see him a half hour after I get off work. I've gotten used to sleeping next to him, or at the very least in his bed, curled up on my side of the bed but with my head on his pillow.

I know this is just a short period of time, and as dr soc put it: we spend 4 months of not sleeping next to each other, but we get to sleep together every night after that. I know I'm just being whiny right now and in the grand scheme of things it's a tiny blip. And this is by far not the worse thing I've ever gone through and the outcome is more than worth it.

But far far away is still far far away. And I just miss him. It's as simple as that.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Me: you got boob our first date.
Dr soc: I did? When?
Me: Yep. When you pulled away after the kiss, your thumb sorta brushed against right here (I point out the area as a visual aid). So it was just a little bit, but yeah.
Dr soc: Oh. Well, that's awesome, way to go me!

Fast forward a few months to my birthday and we're back at the place we had our second date. I realize that I/we hadn't been to Mellow Mushroom since then and point this out to dr soc. It was a much more passionate kiss that night, but he definitely did not get boob then. Which I point out to him as well.

Me: You did not get boob on our 2nd date.
Dr soc: Nope. But I did on the third. ::smirk::
Me: You certainly did. Well played sir.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Not in my happy place

Dr Soc left this morning to move to Charlotte. I won't see him for another 3 weeks. Add to that bummer of a morning the bad news I got on Thursday.

Yeah. Not in my happy place to say the least.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Lucky" Number

me: I was going to wait until the 4th date.
dr soc: What? And why?
me: Did you watch scrubs? The character Elliot reasoned it like this: three is cliche, 5 is prude. Four is just right. So, the 4th date was it. And 4 is my lucky number.
dr soc: Ok fine. But we did on the 3rd. What changed?
me: convinced me otherwise. Just be glad my lucky number isn't something like 16.
dr soc: Yeah. Though it looks like that didn't matter anyway. ::smirk::
me: ::blush::

Friday, August 6, 2010


I refer to Dr soc as my upgrade.

He's honestly everything I've ever wanted in a man. And he's all around leaps and bounds better then any other guy I've dated.

But the really nice thing is that he said I'm a upgrade too.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Skill Set

Things I am good at:
  • talking
  • organizing (hows that kitchen honey?)
  • climbing things
  • hostessing
  • running through fields
  • attracting mosquitoes
  • making Manhattans
  • opening bottles of wine
Things I am not good at:
  • naps
  • being patient
  • talking slowly
  • spanish
  • keeping a secret (yeah, not so much a vault. especially when I drink).
  • holding my liquor
  • getting my dog to think I'm the alpha.
  • remembering to eat/drink first then put on lipstick

Monday, August 2, 2010

What Goes on in My Head at Night

me: My dream was crazy last night.

dr soc: Yeah? What was it about? Do you remember?

me: Parts of it. My friends and I were going to this big lawn/garden party somewhere. The ancient Greeks were on one side of the lawn and the Romans were on the other. The Romans over to the right were raping and beating people, gladiator style. The Greeks were having this awesome party with the gods and goddesses. So we were really glad we were going to the Greek side. The gods and goddesses and some of their human consorts were there, drinking lots of wine and all having a good time. Turns out your aunt Linda was a god, she was wearing this scarf that Jeanne made on her head as a crown.

dr soc: Oh. Great. I'll tell her that.

me: Yep. Your whole family was there and we were all in our finest too. But then at some point this garden party turns into a blogher convention and there are these rows and rows of laptops with a different blog and printout at each one. And we're supposed to move down the line and rank them. But I started at my blog and I felt that I should tell someone because it didn't seem fair to start with my own. Because I'm going to rank it number one, obviously. That's what I remember at least.

dr soc: Wow. What a dream.

me: I'll say.

--a few minutes later--

me: Oh! And Jesus was there too.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The reveal

Drum roll please......

Dr soc officially accepted a much better job on Friday! He'll be teaching at a community college in Charlotte, NC! He starts in 2 weeks. Gah!

So, yeah, that's part of the big news. The other part is that I'm going to join him there when I'm done with school (in a few months).

I'm excited and scared at the same time. Dr soc and I have had the conversations we needed to have, and we're on the same page. I've heard good things about the city, I'll be closer to my sister and I'm not as far away from my closest friends as I thought I would be. The timing is good for both of us. The only bummer is that we'll be distance for a few months and I will miss him.

But it's only a few months, and there's a definite end point to the distance. He's going to Charlotte to start things up for him and us, and I can to focus on school with little distraction. And the time will go faster then I think.

Things are going to be great.