Thursday, April 16, 2015

Binge Watch

So. We might have to pull back a little on the binge watching. Because my dream last night was a pretty solid compilation of some of the shows we've been watching. Ever since I've been on happy pills, I dream every night. I don't remember them most of the time, but on occasion a few stick around in my memory. Enough so that I will wake up upset and/or utterly confused about how I am in my bedroom and life is normal(ish).

Anyway, last night was a Breaking Bad/Big Love/The American's combo. Yeah, I don't know either. The Breaking Bad part was Walter White watched his meth lab in the basement fill with really pretty blue water (seriously, resort brochure blue), and the water was breaking the ceiling joist of the lab. The ceiling burst off and the whole lab gushed down the street and Walter White (who may have been me, I'm not sure) went with the water and tried to make it look like he had been swept away. Then when Skylar and his son went running down the street after the tidal wave, he was slinking around the neighbors' car/garage trying to stay out of their sight. And then there may or may not have been a crime spree of sorts in there, I don't recall.

Now onto part two, the Big Love/The Americans combo. For some reason, Mike was going to take on a second wife. (Big Love) I was none too pleased about sharing my husband to say the least. I was jealous and I was trying to trick encouraging him to have a guy's weekend in Toronto on my "off" weekend. You know, have a good time, no ladies at all, play in the casinos, that sort of thing. My plot was to not let poor pathetic Martha (from the Americans) have "her" weekend. Or any time really. Mike seemed to really be looking forward to his weekend, and poor pathetic second wife Martha was really none the wiser either.

Yeah. When I woke up I kept reiterating/muttering "you can't marry Martha." Mike was confused of course, but he reassured me he wasn't going to and that he was only married to me. Then later when I could give him more details he was amused but I think a little ticked off he got stuck with poor pathetic Martha.