Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Aniversary to Me!

It's my blog-iversary! I've been blogging for a full year now. Whoa.

I just love champagne. I think it's the perfect celebratory drink.

In the past 365 days and 300+ blogs, I've mentioned/discussed/detailed:

  1. the breakup
  2. my heartbreak
  3. college round one
  4. college now
  5. college snark
  6. My life plans
  7. My opinions
  8. My dog
  9. My family
  10. Trips down memory lane
  11. Football
  12. Boys
  13. Men
  14. Dating
  15. Boyfriends and (the) ex's
  16. Facebook
  17. Friends and frenemies
  18. True Blood and my obsession with the viking
  19. Lists
  20. Big girl pants
I've bitched, I've moaned, I've whined. I've cried, I've laughed. I've posed questions, some more serious than others, and I've snarked. I've over shared and I've opinioned.

And I am having a blast. I don't think I'm stopping anytime soon. (though I am slowing down with school being evil)
Thanks for reading everyone!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Give Up

I'm going to give up on the default crush. For a couple of reasons:
  • We have this terrible tendency to flake on each other.
  • I'm pretty sure he likes someone else.
  • Even if he did like me back and wanted to date me, there's the issue of time.
  • His level of unattainably is probably one of the main driving reasons of why I like him.
  • We're drinking buddies who are attracted to each other. How real an ending can come from this?
If a drinking friendship is all we're supposed to have, then so be it. The friend zone was our only option when we met. We were both in serious long term relationships when we started hanging out and interest in dating wasn't on either of our radars. And there's nothing wrong with it the way it is now, haphazard as it is. So as everything stands the way it is, it's fine (expect for me trying to not make out with him).

But mainly, I just don't think it's going to happen. Our MO seems go as such: a few super fun times, I immediately start crushing, we start flaking and then go months w/out seeing each other. I'm not going to wait with baited breath hoping he'll act on the attraction (he's inferred he's a little attracted to me, thus leading me on the path to crush-ville). There are other fish in the sea, and if he's not going to nibble (or touch, or kiss, or do any other of that fun stuff), I'm not going to fret about it. I'll probably crush on and off for a while and then it will fritter away when the right person comes along. But I can still look really good when/if I see him again right?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Right Answer

When someone asked me why I picked chemistry after 6 years of interior design, I said: "because there's a right answer." And there is most definitely a right answer. But that also means there's a wrong answer. Which is what I picked most of on that test (seriously, I didn't even get the partial credit ones. There is nothing good about this).

It's beyond disheartening. I felt that I did ok on that test. I was even starting to like chemistry because I foolishly thought I was starting to understand it.

I cannot get a C in this class. I'm a chemistry major number one. But if I get a C in general chemistry (any chemistry really), I have no hope of getting into a pharmacy school. No one will even look at me.

I'm not going to argue my grade. There's no point, there were wrong answers, and I picked them. It sucks (what's a stronger word for sucks?), but I earned my score because I didn't study correctly (at least I wasn't the lowest score - insert watery smile of victory).

All hope is not lost. There are 2 more exams plus the final. And you have the option of replacing your lowest test score with the portion of the final that covers the material. Assuming you do better on the final of course. I've gotten perfect scores on my homework so far, but that's only 10% of my grade. You get points for going to class (they keep track electronically through clickers), but that's only 5 points. I've gone to the chem help center and written my name down, so I'm trying. And it shows. But it's not going to get me an A if I don't ace the rest of my tests.

So this test is a huge blow. I'm still crying over it, because I really don't know what else to do for the moment. It's frustrating and demoralizing and just plain shitty.

But suck it up. I'm not the first person to fail a chemistry test. I won't be the last. I can study smarter. I can hire a tutor. And if pharmacy isn't an option for me, then...

I guess I'll figure something else out.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I suck

I failed 2 of my 3 exams.

Not just bad ominous feeling think I failed. I have the answer key. I failed.

Great way to start the semester huh?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I hear through the grapevine (aka, over drinks and some loose lips), that a former co-worker of mine (who is only a year or two older than me I believe), is dating a 19-year old (that's a 9-10 year age gap). Eyebrows were raised, knowing glances were shot around, and tongues wagged a bit. And then someone in the grapevine also said she was a dirty girl.

First I thought, "yeah, I don't care." But I though about it a second more and said "well, what else can you really be at 19 except dirty?"

Hey, think about it. At 19, you can't (legally) get into bars or buy alcohol, so you can't really hang out with your older boyfriend.* So what else can you legally do except be a dirty girl?

*unless you have a fake id.**

** (Side note to my footnote) I think I'm the only person in who never had a fake id. Why bother? I already look younger than I am, I knew I couldn't pass for anything older then actually was.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Friend crush

I had a total friend crush on my chemistry TA from the summer. That's not wrong is it?
I was really hoping I would get him again for this semesters lab, but no such luck. But so far I like this semesters TA, so I'm not upset. But anyway, my summer TA.

It wasn't a crush on a friend sort of thing. It wasn't even a crush in the sense I want to date him. It's not really a man crush or a bromance, because that's between two guys, and I'm not a man (clearly). But he was the type of guy that you could call up and say, "bring beer, a football helmet and be here in 20 minutes," and he wouldn't ask. He be there in 20 minutes with beer, football helmet, a fire extinguisher (because that's just good form) and be all in. In other words, I just wanted to hang out with him outside of class because he seemed really cool. But there are lines you shouldn't cross, and getting buddy buddy with your TA is one of those.

Plus, this isn't kindergarten when you can just ask someone, "will you be my friend?" Check yes or no. (though admittedly, those notes would be super handy in the grown up world, so much less hassle) Or you can have your mom set up a play date.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Reasons I have (or will) mini-wigged

  1. I have 3 test, a quiz, a lab report, chemistry homework, calculus and a paper due this week.
  2. A kid who looks exactly like younger version on my ex (acne and all) has sat next to me twice in class, and he's also in my recitation section. So that means I could see him every. day. And it really just WEIRDS me out.
  3. I have to haul ass to get to my 8am class on time. If I don't want to be out of breath and sweating, I'm going to have to leave home before 7 am
  4. I want to stab 95% of the people in that class. Stabby before 8:30 am is never good.
  5. Bailey has a knot on her knee and I don't have time to take her to the vet.
  6. I spent an hour reading my biology chapter and I can't remember a thing
  7. I really want to re-hook up with library guy, but I know it's not a good idea.
  8. At the same time I'm crushing hard on a friend and I think he knows it. And he's being a gentleman. Dammit.
  9. I've (secretly-but I guess not secret now) been keeping my track of my measurements and I have not lost anything anywhere (skinny girls are allowed to have body issues too. This one does)
  10. My back-up quarterback chipped his pinkie. What is it with my quarterbacks and their pinkies?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


When I posted about religion a while back, I didn't mention ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Mainly because those beliefs have fallen to the wayside as a religion. But I've always liked mythology and that there were different gods and goddess who controlled things. And that they could seriously f*ck with people who pissed them off. And dudes, they had a party god (Bacchus (Roman)/Dionysus (Greek), god of the vine), and that's pretty cool. (unless you are a maenad (true blood ref), and the worship of dionysus is delusional)

My false sense of superiority on mythology comes from what I can recall of my 6th grade Latin class and a book on Mythology I read for AP English in high school (ten years ago. Shut up). And what I've forgotten, Wikipedia can fill in the blanks (btw, everything on wiki is click-able in 6 steps or less). But I think it's common knowledge that Zeus, was a man (god?) whore. Dude, got around. And he had throngs of children so that just proves he was potent too. He was a smooth talker and so divine that women, mortal and ethereal, fell at his feet. But Zeus also loved a good intrigue, and I guess having women throwing themselves at you get's boring after a while. So he preferred to get his conquest through trickery (sort of like roofies only not in that immoral evil and illegal way (oh yeah, I went there)).

Don't forget there's all sorts of incest, immaculate conceptions and betrayals going on in the god world. Hera, Zeus' wife, was notoriously jealous and vengeful. But I would be too if my husband kept stepping out on me I had powers (I'm still working one smite). Hell, you're the goddess of marriage and your husband is the definition of philanderer, I'd be livid. Not to mention the unfairness of Hera's only immaculate conception (and non-Zeus child) was deformed and tossed into a volcano (Vulcan), while Zeus' (sorta) immaculate conception (Athena) and other other infidelities (Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite...) all got to be divinities, rise among the ranks and sit at the big god's table. So Hera cursed a lot of his play things (Feminism, the early years. Can't divorce your adulterous spouse, at least make his conquest lives miserable).

Well anyway, Zeus pops down to earth, changes form, impregnates, he's good. But he probably would have a little more difficult time with this MO today. Times have changed. Humans are not as gullible as they once were (oh wait, yes they are, we just have google (and wiki) now). Gone are the days of a beautiful swan entrancing a young lady (Leda and the Swan). An ethereal animal can't just approach a human with out raising someone's eyebrows. And even if he got through that red tape, bestiality, not so much.

So since the animal plot is out, he needs a different trick. And you know Hera's just loving that hubby dearest has got to work a little harder now. But hey it's Zeus, he can toss lighting bolts to get someone out of his way. Not like that's inconspicuous or anything. So he comes to earth as a really good looking man. But drat again! Target conquest whips out her iPhone and google searches the name he gives her. It doesn't take long (I made him go after the tech savvy women just because it makes me feel better than if he went for the bimbo) for her to figure out it's Zeus in human form and really well worn 3 piece suit.

Zeus, king of gods, foiled by the iPhone.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dry spell

I'm not super thrilled at the prospect of a dry spell. But now I'm wondering what's been my longest time between boyfriends.

Lets see, I think there were 2 months between my first and second boyfriend. Oh, is that it? Felt like a lot longer back then. There were about 9 months after the 2nd boyfriend and my first college boyfriend. But I did have a summer fling in that time period though (it was a long summer too).

Then lets see, college. This is where it gets fuzzy, because it's when I stopped the insta-boyfriend stuff. And I don't consider some of the guys I dated boyfriends. For example, the guy I dated the start of my 3rd year for about 3 weeks. Him, not a boyfriend. But he did break a dry spell.
But hmm, there were about 6 months between the first gay boyfriend and the 3rd one. Wondering about the 2nd? He wasn't really a boyfriend. Chronologically , he came between them, but not so much a traditional-type boyfriend. And I don't know if I ever considered the 3rd one a traditional boyfriend either, he was just someone I dated for a little bit. (also, had a hard time seeing him as manly)

Anyway, 3rd whatever he was and I ended, and then 7 months later came previously mentioned 3 week third year guy, and 2 weeks after him came my first love (yeah, that's why I broke up with the 3 week guy). And maybe about 6 months between first love and the next boyfriend. Just shy of a year after that boyfriend and I broke up, I started dating my fiance. And after I left the fiance, it was around 7-8 months before Library Guy asked me out.

These are all estimates by the way. And I wasn't completely celibate during those single spans either. There were some blips on the radar I didn't mention. And I didn't sleep with all of those guys either. But still, those are some longish time spans. Sigh, it looks like I'm headed for another one though. Default crush isn't biting, and it's not like anyone else is knocking at my door. I've had an offer for a boy toy, but it's not a good idea. I'm tempted all the same though (but then, how good a temptation is it if it's a good idea?)

I know it's ok to be single, and that I should be happy by myself. And sometimes I am. But, it's hard not to feel lonely sometimes.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Morning Conversation

I'm sitting in my calculus class (at 8 am) and we have to work in groups. And that's fine because my TA is a spy and/or villain and it's hard to understand her anyway. But the 2 boys I'm working with (seriously, boys, one just turned 18 (18!)), one said I talk really quite.

Me: well, it's morning, I'm not awake in the morning.
boy 1: but you had coffee (eyes my travel mug jealously).
me: that means I can function, does not mean I'm awake (but hey my snark/wits/reasoning skills are in full form though!)
boy 2: where did you get coffee?!
me: at my house...
boy 2: Oh. You actually live somewhere.
girl next to me: where do you live?
me: At home, with my parents. And it's awesome.
all three: Really?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sissy Pants

I was taking the dog for a walk and I'm walking down the driveway to get back in the house. And to my horrors, I see a snake sunning itself in the driveway.

My guess is the thing was 12-15 inches long and probably harmless.

But I still screamed bloody murder, spun on my heals and sprinted up the driveway and entered the house through the front door instead. Poor Bailey didn't know what was going on.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This just made me laugh. And it's somewhat related to this post

I admit, I check facebook at least once a day. I check to see if anyone's "said" anything interesting/funny in their status update (it's 50/50 really), update my status about once a week, maybe "like" a few things, and I every now and again slip into stalker mode and I look at pictures of people. (also what's with all my "quote marks?"). I don't 'poke,' pass drinks (wtf, buy me a real one), play the games or take the quizzes (except for important ones: like what kind of dinosaur/weapon combo would you ride into battle? (a raptor and a flame thrower of course), what True Blood character would you be? (Pam, rock!) or how many seconds I would last in a fight against Chuck Norris? (A whole minute. But that's because I would bring a bear to defend me).

I think I've plateaued at 134 friends, and I'm ok with that. It's mostly split between high school and college friends, but a lot more high school. Who(m?) I actually do enjoy keeping in touch with. And I'm glad that we're all on this site so we have a means to do so. The college friends, not so much on the facebook. I do have college (round 1) peeps on it, but we keep in touch in other ways beside it (emails, blogs, twitter, trips). But a significant portion of my 134 facebook friends fall into what I've deemed the "friends" category.**

You know, the people you do know, but aren't really friends with. Meaning, you once had a connection with them, but you don't know the inner workings of their everyday life. And you don't care if you find out either. Nothing too personal, we all moved, grew up and/or apart if it wasn't for the monster of forced social interaction known as facebook, we probably could have lived our lives not really knowing seeing each other again. And some of those "friends," you wonder if they added you only to pad their friends number (oh like you really have 683 friends. Sorry, but no one's that popular in real life)

So to some "friends," I can't help but think in snark mode. And sometimes, I get downright bitchy. Half the time I roll my eyes when "friends" update their status, because it's always stupid stuff. And whenever a former roommate (I've had 30 different roommates, don't even try to decipher who it is) post new pictures, the first thing that pops in my head is: ugh, she's still fat. Guess she's still pretending to have a "thyroid problem."

We'll just add that comment to the list of: why I'm going to hell.

**Disclaimer: if you read my blog, I think you're a real friend and I don't snark about you. (Maybe. Once again, I'm going to hell)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Long Pants

Reason I like fall:
Once it's long pants weather I can stop shaving my legs. Bonus to not having a boyfriend as well.
(though he should still be looking for me)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twisted Emotions

Today is my sister's first wedding anniversary! Congratulations!
But since this is my blog, I'm going to talk about me.

Let me preface this with: on her wedding day, I was nothing but happy. The smiles in all the pictures are genuine and the tears on that day were because I was so happy for her. But the day before and after, I was nothing short of a mess. I had left my ex and moved home a little over a week before her wedding. And while I hadn't "officially" called off the engagement, I told family and friends who asked about my fiance that we were no longer together.

I was very torn those days. I desperately wanted to be happy and excited. But I was also wallowing in bitterness and confusion, as well as dealing with the loss of my fiance in addition to somewhat loosing my sister. I sobbed when I saw the chapel the day before. I sobbed right after the rehearsal in my hotel room. I cried silently in the shower the next morning because I woke up alone, and I knew I would be doing that for a long time.

But it was my ex's disregard to my sister's wedding that made me see how selfish he is and how deluded his priorities were/are. For his his sister's wedding 2 years prior, he asked people to cover my work shifts, begged me to skip class to make it to the rehearsal, and assumed my entire weekend was for his sister. And I was only a girlfriend at that point, I knew my place was to sit pretty, make small talk and be a gracious guest. For my sister's wedding, his future sister in law, he bitched to everyone that it was "taking away" the last 2 days of his vacation in Florida. He whined that he had to travel, to Baltimore, (he hates the Ravens so by default hates the city) and was going to miss the last two days of the aforementioned vacation. The vacation he goes on every year. With his parents. Who pay for the entire thing as well.

When I realized he felt this way, I was seething mad. In fact, I was flat out enraged. And at the end of a fight and in the coldest voice I have ever used, told him I didn't want him at her wedding. He was not going to ruin her day for me or her. And he could sleep on the couch that night.

Even though I knew I would have to deflect questions and I would be upset I was alone, him not going was the much lesser of two evils. Because he would have ruined it by being there. He would have sulked and pouted the entire time, and I wasn't going to placate him.

So while I was happy for her on her day and I say I'm over the broken engagement, I'm pretty upset this very moment. Remembering my anger, the disappointment and his selfishness.

It's unfortunate that I won't be able to remember the happiest day of my sister's life without some bitterness. But it is fortunate that it was a deliriously happy day and it's a happy marriage. And one day, mine will be to.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dog Paddle

I went to a fundraiser for the dog parks today. I've seen/heard of a few places doing this sort of thing, the day before they pull the plug on the pools, people bring their dogs for a swim and gunk up the water. My apartment complex I lived in 2 years ago did this, but I was out of town when it happened and also, I didn't have a dog then. So I figured, hey, let's say goodbye to summer (though I never really got a summer because of classes) and go paddling Bailey!

I managed to score rock star parking, but there was a drama leading up to it. Long story short: it involved a small parking lot, people blocking me in, douche-ary and death glares (me shooting them). However, I was severely less pissed at the blocker-inners once I scored a rock star spot.

Besides that little melodrama, it was absolute pandemonium in the pool. Lots of happy wet dogs, lots of people, and lots of tennis balls and frisbees being tossed around (I got pelted in the kidney with a tennis ball. I know it was an accident, and I don't know who lobed that thing, but that f*cker hurt!).

Anyway, Bailey and the pool...not so much. I had to coax (drag) her out into water past her (bionic) knees. She really took to leaping through the water like a gazelle, but she didn't want to swim. Once I scooped her up and dropped her in the water a little deeper then she could stand. As soon as her feet touched the water, she started paddling, but she paddled to where her feet touched and bolted out. She fell in face first once due to the combination of her overall spaz tendencies and the overall slipperiness of the pool ledge. And then swam strait for the pool steps and climbed out. I was too busy squealing (laughing) at how cute it was to do much of anything else. So she's got the swimming instinct, but she doesn't want to use it. What she really wanted to do was run and chase other dogs along the side of the pool, but if they jumped in the water she stopped. So most of the time she stayed at the edge and barked her head off while wagging her tail.

I don't have pictures because well, I never take pictures first off. And also, it was hard enough keeping an eye on her, trying to do that, take pictures, and not get the digital camera wet at the same time is way too much to deal with. There was a really cute moment between us though that I do wish I had a picture of. I was up to my knees in the water and she was looking around. And I don't know what possessed her, but she "stood" up and placed her front paws on my stomach stretched up and gave me lots of kisses while I hugged her back. And yes, it's even cuter than it sounds.

But most of the dogs were having a blast in the water. I was hoping Bailey would take to the water just for the cute factor. But even though she didn't swim, she wore herself out and she not spazing at the moment. Maybe if we had started her swimming as a puppy, or if there were no other dogs around to distract her she might have been a little more pool adventurous. Or, perhaps it's because her ancestors chased lions across the desert and that why she's not so much on the swimming thing.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

One of the (many) reasons I'm going to hell

Someone's facebook status announced they had completed their first 5k. And they're feeling pretty good about themselves, and people are giving them props for such a huge accomplishment
And while this person's been a little on the heavy side and yes I'm sure this is a big deal to them....

But 90% of me wants to pop the bubble and say: 3 miles? That's my warm up.

We'll just add that to the list of reasons I'm going to hell.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


While I'm only two weeks into classes, I've mapped out my tests, homework due dates, papers, and reading schedule for the entire semester. I'm going to have to rearrange some of my work times too, but that's another project. I figured I'm going to be busy. And not only am I going to be busy, my classes are hard and time consuming.

Six years in daap taught me I need some sort of stress relief because I will melt if I don't. Sometimes, I need to clear my head, and it's a lot easier to get back into the swing of things after a mental break than a melt. So this semester, I've also designated play times. It may sound a bit counter intuitive, scheduled down time. But if I don't make time, then it might not happen.

It's easy to get bogged down in the amount of class work, lecture notes and reading. Sometimes the only way to get my retention to work, I need to clear my head. When I was running last semester, I felt pretty good. There was nothing like a 3 mile run to just empty my head. And when I hopped on the treadmill the other day, everything went "poof."

I used to have the manrta, work hard, play hard. Well I still do. But I see no reason why I shouldn't do something good for my body at the same time. I just need to find the time to do so. So if I ever do get a moment I haven't micro managed, I'd like to take a yoga class. Anyone else?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Skipping Steps

I mentioned I didn't have time for a boyfriend. But I'd still like to have one all the same.
It's not that I don't have time for an actual boyfriend, I don't have time for the dating process of getting one.

I guess what I want is the perks and comforts of an established relationship, having already gone through the nervousness of the beginning parts. Basically a boyfriend without doing the prerequisites. But I know I need to go through steps 1, 2 and 3 before I get to 4, and that takes time, which I don't really have.

Oh well, at least I have the list in place and someone with those qualities can at least be looking for me. So even though I'm not going to work chasing someone into my schedule, I'm certainly not opposed to someone taking the time to pursue me.

But no creepsters. Seriously, no one has time for that.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Picnic with the Pups

We adopted Bailey when she was 3 months old form the spca in Cincinnati. (even though I don't consider her ours anymore, we adopted her together, and that doesn't change. And it's not painful to think of it that way either) There they told us she was a Shepard mix. I understood the Shepard part, but what did they mean by mix? I was told that it meant they knew the mom had some Shepard in her, but that was it.

Side note: what's with designer mutts? Matlipoo (Maltese/poodle), puggle (pug/beagle), goldendoodle (golden retriever/poodle), Schnoodle (Poodle/ Schnauzer)... Fancy name aside, it's still a mix. Though I have to hand it to poodles because no matter what you breed it with you automatically get a fun name. There's just something about the -oodle.

But anyway, I don't know really know what Bailey is. Part Shepard, full spaz. She's a Kentucky tan dog (she used to be an Ohio tan, but I think you can see why I changed that). But other people care seem to care what she is. So when they see her, they start assigning/asking me about breeds. I've been told boxer, Pitt, pointer, beagle, and most recently, ridgeback.

But yesterday I went to a dog thing with my friend and (of course) the dog, and Bailey's doppelganger was there. Only this one was a little fatter. This one was named Molly
(which incidentally, was what we almost named Bailey at first), and she looked just like Bailey, same color, head shape, hair length and texture, and build (just fatter). However, Molly, was known to be mostly ridgeback.

So I google searched ridgeback and this is what I get:

Oh holy crap, that's my dog

And then I googled Ridgeback Shepard mix and got this:
Seriously, is that one my dog?

And while I still honestly have no idea what she is, I think those pictures give me a pretty good idea of what one of her parents had in her. To me, she's a sweet, adorable mutt, just my Bailey.
Ok this one actually is my dog. Hi momma, I in your bed!

I guess my dog's part ridgeback. Who knew?

Added 9/8/0/9: ridgebacks are African lion hunting dogs. LION. Whoa. However she does love to chase cats, so this makes sence.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


That stands for Hips, Abs, Butt, Inner Thighs. Cute right?

It's a group fitness class offered at the (UK) gym. They offer about 10 different classes a day during the week, and even some on the weekends (though not nearly as many). With my school and work schedule though, I can only make habit on Friday afternoon or Wednesday at 7:30 am, another muscle class on Friday, and a yoga class on Sunday. (hey, where do I park if I go to the one on Sunday?)

So yesterday, I tried out the class and I liked it. Even though my schedule's a bit snug, I'm going to make the Friday class part of my routine. The physical activity clears my mind after a full week of classes. And also, even though I'm single and don't plan on anyone seeing me naked for a while, doesn't mean I have to let everything go.

I'm currently not in the best shape, but I could keep up in the class at least. I was really sweaty and my face was super flushed after class, but I did ok. It could have been the mile run I did right before the class that attributed to my overall flush-ness though. The part that I felt the best about was the ab work. Here I am, the end of my first sculpting class and I'm twisting and crunching on an exercise ball and keeping up with the instructor. "Go me!" I thought.

But what's the saying: pride goeth before the fall.

'Cause I hurt today in all my habit areas. But I expected that some, and it's really not that bad. But guess what hurts the most? Yep, my abs.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Observations from the first week of classes

  1. There are a lot of pretty people at UK
  2. However, there are just as many unfortunate looking ones too
  3. I can't take anyone with braces seriously
  4. All of my math teachers so far are really excited about math, and that amuses me. Because I get excited about math too.
  5. Southern accents come in tons of varieties. Even the teachers have them
  6. A lot of people go by two names. Billie-Mae, Rebbecca-Ann, Travis-Jo...
  7. I say I'm an 8th year senior. I know that's not true, but it's still fun to get confused looks
  8. If I hear the word "like" more than 6 times in 2 minutes, I get to punch you in the throat
  9. Not all freshman annoy me. Some of them are sweet as pie and other southern colloquialisms. Some are a little naive and it's just darling. They really can't help their inexperience (bless their hearts!).
  10. But sophomores, are cocky and every bit of what annoys me about young people.
  11. Time doubles in room 107 in the biology building. Doesn't matter the class, it always seems to last for-eeeevv-errrrr in there.
  12. My calculus TA has a thick generic east European accent. Clearly, she is a spy and/or a villain. (I found out she's Turkish. I still think she's a spy)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Allergies suck. And itch. And wheeze.

I'm getting besieged by my allergies. Just flat out attacked on all fronts. I'm stuffed up, yet my nose is running, I have a sinus headache, my eyes itch and I'm sneezing a lot. I'm running the gauntlet of symptoms. And it sucks donkey balls. (did that saying ever catch on? It should, I like it)

And nothing I take works. Due to the cornucopia of meth labs (makers would run into a pharmacy and swipe shelves of otc pills in seconds), drug companies altered their formulas and took out the stuff that meth makers use. You know, the part that actually works. So now, all the OTC stuff is utter bull sh*t. And yet I still buy it, thinking fingers crossed it's going to work.

Ok, some drug companies didn't change their formulas and that stuff is sold behind the counter now. You have to show Id, and they keep track of how many you buy and how many times you do. And even though it's the exact same pill that use to be sold over-the-counter, it's a controlled substance now. Ergo: more expensive. I guess since the pharm tech has to hand you something, it ups the cost. Maybe it's a service charge?

But I'm miserable this allergy season (this, right here (pointing a finger to emphasize point) is a season I do not like anything about). So I've been taking the rest of my Advil cold and sinus from my last cold to cope. And they're working pretty well. It's because they're good behind the counter pills.

So lesson learned for next year. Pony up, and buy the good drugs. I may have to sign 3 different waivers and promise them my first born, but I don't care.

Stupid meth heads, you ruined it for everyone.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Girl For All Seasons

Aaaand now I have that song from Grease 2 in my head (terrible, terrible movie)
Anyway, things I like about each season:

Summer: My favorite holiday is 4th of July. My birthday! And few other friends have summer birthday's too. When we were kids, school was out. Flip flops and tank tops are in season. The over all brightness of the colors. I just love to sunbathe. And there's all sorts of fruit in season, and you never need a reason to go get ice cream. Plus there's summer blockbusters, and I usually want to see at least one of them.

Fall: The slightly cooler temperatures are a reprieve. I love the colors, how the hues get deeper and richer. The food get's heartier. The clothes get a little heavier and I look cute in scarves. Two words: Boot season. Halloween's a fun time, but who doesn't like a holiday all about candy? (I need a new costume this year, any suggestions?). Not that I do this, but I've been told it's fun: tail gating. I like football since I have a fantasy team. The fall meet at Keeneland! I like the smell of campfire sometimes- as long as I get s'mores. And as dorky as this sounds, school's in session.

Winter: if I skied, I would like snow. I like wearing sweaters and that I don't have to shave my legs (seriously, I love that). I like Christmas and New Years, and since I don't have to make Thanksgiving dinner, I like that too (though technically, that's a late fall thing). My mom's birthday is in there, plus Chinese New Year. But other than that, I don't really care for the cold, Valentine's Day, and the overall bleakness of Kentucky. So except for a few saving graces, winter sucks.

Spring: the warming up. Spring meet at Keeneland! A few friends birthdays. Easter candy. How pretty everything is when it blooms (except for the ass trees. I don't know what they are, but the smell terrible so I've named them ass trees). Tulips, oh I love tulips! (Side story: my family saved Holland's tulip industry during World War 2. I just say my family saved Holland. Yep, uh huh.). Spring races (running). My sister's birthday. And derby day!

I'm sure there are other things I love about each season, but that's all I have for now.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sh*t I don't have time for

I'm taking 17 credit hours this semester, and 14 of those credits are math and science related. I'm only working part time (which is great), but I still don't have a lot of play time. But I am keeping a mental running list of things I currently don't have time for:
  1. Another fantasy football team
  2. Training Bailey on the invisible fence
  3. My allergies
  4. Regular gym time (I walk an extra 2 miles a day, but it's not the same)
  5. A boyfriend
  6. Anyone under the age of 23
Feel free to add at will!