Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mystery Date

With all the Buzz Is Back excitement in Charlotte, one of the fun things offered was a Hugo bobble head to every ticket holder. And since I love stuff, I suggested we go to that game since I had the night off. The hornets didn't win, it was a lot of sloppy play (at least that's what dr soc and my neighbor said, hell if I know what sloppy play actually looks like), but it was still a lot of fun. 

Well anyway, we got to the game well before tip-off for the bobble head so we had a decent amount of time to look at the court and how the arena was laid out for basketball. It made dr soc think of another time at the arena.

dr soc: Wasn't this how it was set up for when we saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?
me: Um, I don't really know, since I've never seen them.
dr soc: Wait, what? Didn't we come here for that?
me: Nope. We were here for Circ Du Soleil, but I've never seen the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. 
dr soc: ~starts blushing~ Oh. Um...I..yeah.
me: ~lovingly patting his shoulder~ Must be thinking of some other date dear.
dr soc: oh...
me: ~cackling~ Bet you enjoyed that date more than the awkward tent you're in now!